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NOTE: Here you will find amazing scores or stunts we have performed in online games (so remember there could have been some type of lag for our opponents). Some of the scores or stunts may be lacking details, this is because they occured before we starting keep track of things like these.
You will not find our win/loss record here. We've never kept track of online or LAN games. We have never lost on our host (no one should) and the few games that we have lost were because of true lag from bad hosts.

Best Scores

Best TS score:
50 to -2 in a 2vs2, LOGAN and sLiPnOt vs. Tomcup (GS name) on Hang Em High. We had over 35 kills (and 0 deaths) when they started to kill themselves. Any time they saw us they would try to kill us though. These people just really sucked and they couldn't take getting beat so they tried to kill each other. We never died and they only killed themselves twice. Our previous is probably our true best since the betrayal there was an accident.
Previous record:
50 to -1 in a 2vs2, DmAn and LOGAN vs Denjira (GS name) on Hang Em High. The -1 was caused by a betrayal on Denjira's team. This was the only betrayal in the whole game. The score would have been 50-0 but that event gave us our best record to date.
Before that:

Best Moving KOTH score:
BadAzZ, LOGAN, and sLiPnOt in a 3vs3 Moving KOTH on Hang Em High won the game 10:00 - 0:00! They did this against brickjenks (GS name). We barely stopped a few runs into the hill (we actually killed a guy who was in the hill but we killed him so fast, he didn't even score a second).
Previous record:
LOGAN, Big T, DmAn (playing with inverted by accident) in a 3vs3 Moving KOTH on Hang Em High won the game 5:00 - 0:00! We think its possible that the other team had never played a KOTH before, but still 0 seconds is ridiculous.
Before that:
5:00 - 0:03

Best Sniper Match score:
25-0 in a 2vs2, DmAn teamed up with someone online to vs. 2 other kids on Boarding Action.


You're not undefeated anymore:
LOGAN, DmAn, and sLiPnOt vsed. the so called unbeatable, undefeated MERDOCK in their room (they hosted) in a 3vs3 on Hang Em High with Human Weapons, 5 second respawn and 15 suicide penalty (definitely not our rules). The game lagged like crazy with constant delays and moments where we just couldn't move. Sniping was an impossibility. We beat them (forgot score) and proceeded to laugh in their face about how they arent undefeated anymore (unlikely they really were) and unbeatable and that it was abuse cause we had lag. They wanted to play TS but we said let us host. They actually came in (eventually) and we were up about 8-0 and they claimed lag and left. They also claimed that they were only undefeated in TS, which is bull cause there room name said something like: "Undefeatable, unbeatable..." and when we went in, we asked what match type are you playing. They said CTF or TS. We said CTF and they said ok. It doesnt matter anyway, cause they sucked and if they weren't hosting, we would have destroyed them (instead of just beating them). Why is this here? Well, we beat a undefeated team right?. Ha ha ha!

LOGAN crawls (duck + walk) back from red base by himself in a 3vs3 CTF on Hang Em High vs. TheKiller (GS name). LOGAN was able to make it back without dying or handing it off to anyone else. He was aided by his teammates during the run.
DmAn and LOGAN in a combined effort managed to crawl from the Red base to their base in a 2vs2 on Hang Em High. One would crawl while the other covered him. When the one carrying the flag died, the other would pick it up and continue the crawl back. It took several pick-ups to make it all the way back.

Reverse Driving:
DmAn managed to grab the enemies flag on Blood Gulch and make it all the way back to our base driving the Warthog BACKAWARDS the whole way.

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