The OvK Clan
Thursday - Friday

April 24th - 25th, 2003


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     Around 7:30pm, LOGAN and DmAn (with their father, who we will call Bobaruni) left their house and picked up sLiPnOt. From there, they headed to BadAzZ's house where this picture was taken.

     We were on our way and eventually stopped at a gas station where this wacky little fellow lead us to the bathroom.

     Which was apparently designed for midgets.

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     Nearly 16 hours later we arrived in Atlanta (we live in New York). After getting lost (of course), we eventually found the Days Inn we were staying at.

     We settled in quickly. old are we again?

     The hotel had the hottest videogame system available.

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     DmAn went to see a friend who lives in Georgia, while the rest of us checked out Atlanta. The food was good.

     AAAAAAAAAAAH! Someone help LOGAN!

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