The OvK Clan
First Day of 50k

April 26th, 2003


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     We woke up around 8am to hear sLiPnOt scream (in his sleep): "Its not a regular Sunday!" Puzzled with the meaning, we got ready and headed out towards Dave and Busters. sLipNoT drove, while LOGAN looked at the directions.

Time to annoy!


We arrived at Dave and Busters 30 minutes later.

We met up with Team HBO.

We got our snazzy passes.

This is the room that all the action happened in.

In the FFA Round, DmAN placed 4th in his first game, while sLiPnOt placed 5th, LOGAN placed 1st, and BadAzZ placed 8th in his.

DmAn and LOGAN were eliminated in the next round, placing 5th (by deaths) and 6th respectively.

The food was good (for real this time).

But it seems that sLiPnOt did not enjoy the Bawls too much.

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