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Assault Rifle (MA5B)

Rapidly fires 60 bullets of hot lead at your enemy. Use this weapon up close and at medium range and if you have aim, you'll do some good damage. Very bad at long range. Even at close range, you must hit with almost every bullet to get a kill. Not the best weapon to be carrying.

Grenade (M9 HE-DP)

A high powered explosive. You know exaclty what this motherfucker can do. Someone coming at you in a vehicle? Bastard hiding around the corner? You know what you need. This powerful weapon is instant death for anyone in the area. If your going into combat make sure you got a few these babies with ya. Try bouncing them off walls and ceilings to throw your opponent off guard, cause this grenade will instantly go off only after it stops moving.

Rocket Launcher (M19 SSM)

Oh baby! You know this gun is the shit. This gun should be renamed the "Anti-Everything Gun". It doesnt matter whose coming at you or what they are in, this monster will make ashes out of them. Its 2x zoom ability makes it a deadly long range weapon as well. The only problem is that if they are too close to you, you can't fire without killing yourself. Just bring another weapon for those tight situations and you should be fine.

Pistol (M6D)

A great all around weapon. You should keep one of these little beauts in your holster at all times. It has 2x zoom and the ability to hit its mark and do the same amount of damage from any range. The rate of fire is not to fast and the clip size is limited to 12, but a true marksman can take anyone down fast with one of these.

Shotgun (M90)

At far distances the shotgun is almost useless, but at close range, its the most deadly weapon around. Perfect for one or multiple enemies, this pump action, magazine fed shotgun can hold up to 12 rounds and can kill in one or two shots depending on your aim and proximity to the other player. The only downside to the shotgun is its long reload time. The shotgun should always be in your inventory.

Sniper Rifle (S2 AM)

The ultimate long range weapon. The sniper rifle makes killing opponents easy with its 2x and 10x zoom cabalilites. The bullets it sends flying can pierce through multiple enemies and can kill in one well placed shot (right in the face!). Two hits with the sniper rifle will usually take anyone down. The only problem with the sniper rifle is that it only holds 4 bullets at once, meaning you will have to constantly reload. The bullets that it fires also make a visible trail that others players can use to determine your postion. In the hands of skilled player, the sniper rifle is one of the deadliest weapons.



The needler rapidly fires a clip of 20 pink energy needles that will home in on any player, dig into them and then explode. This gun really fires fast and it only takes a few needles to kill someone. The needler does have some downsides though. The needles fly very slowly and you must wait for them to explode once they have hit their target. All this time leaves you way to open and makes dodging the incoming needles an easy task. Additionaly this is the worst weapon to smack someone with because you will have to wait while the gun is shifted back into firing position.

Plasma Grenade

The plasma grenade is just as deadly at the marine's grenade, but it has some different characteristics. Unlike the regular grenade; the plasma grenade takes 3 seconds to explode. This and the fact that it glows a bright blue makes it easy to spot and dodge. The best aspect about the plasma grenade is its ability to stick to anyone and any vehicle. Just watch out that the person you've attached it to doesn't go for a little kamikaze run on your ass.

Plasma Pistol

If you have this weapon in your hand, immediately drop it for the next weapon you see. Its normal fire does very little damage, making killing someone with it a chore. You can charge this weapon which will give a little more punch and a slight homing ability. The only thing this powered up shot is good for is dropping anyone's shield down to nothing instantly (even if they have overshield). After the powered up shot is fired the gun has to dispense with the excess energy because it has overheated. This leaves you open for attack. Maybe 3 powered up shots will kill someone but by the time you get to the 2nd you'll probally be dead. This gun runs on a battery and too many powered up shots will deplete it quickly. Use it in short bursts to stun your enemy, then give them a smack.

Plasma Rifle

This weapon rapidly fires directed energy at your enemies. Unlike the plasma pistol it can not be powered up. The plasma rifles fire is pretty powerful. It has infinite ammo as long as the battery is charged. Using automatic fire for too long will cause the gun to overheat. Use this weapon is short controlled bursts to avoid overheating and maintain a infinite stream of fire, which won't require a reload like many other weapons. Not having to reload is a big advantage in a fight with someone who has to. Another bonus of the plasma rifle is its ability to disrupt an enemies mobility. When fired rapidly the plasma rifle's directed energy will cause the enemy to have trouble moving and turning. This is great to use when your with a few allies. Stop your enemy from moving and let your friends finish him off.

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