The OvK Clan
First Day of 50k continued

April 26th, 2003


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     They told us that it would be 3 hours until the Pool Play Round started, so we decided to check out Dave and Busters in the mean time. We all loved Dave and Busters a lot and it was a perfect place to have the tournament. We decided to hit the arcade to pass some time.

LOGAN didn't break it and you can't prove he did.

Check out more pictures of the arcade.


     We were ranked 24th and put into Pool D along with LoRdZ, POR, and NCF. Our first game was to be against POR and was our Pool Play selection (BC CTF). We picked what we thought was the better CTF match out of the few available choices.
     The score was 2-2 when time ran out (apparently it counted as a loss, not a tie). We then played them in their selection (BG TS) and lost the match 50 - 30 something.
     Our next opponent was LoRdZ. They handed our asses to us on a stick, beating us 3-0 in BC CTF and 25 - under 10 in their selection (BA Snipers).
     Already eliminated from the tournament, we sat down to play NCF and beat them 3-0 in BC CTF. They proceeded to beat us 50-47 in their selection (HEH TS).

Having played like sLiPnOt's shirt, we figured it was time to get out of there and get something to eat (we did not attend the 2vs2 or Twisted System tournaments).


     We finally settled down at a Hooters after a long search for an Olive Garden that didn't exist. We were given directions to an Olive Garden on Cobb Road from NiP OvK in New York, who had looked them up online. Unfortunately for us, there is no Olive Garden on Cobb Road (which is just a little dirt road in the middle of nowhere). Anyways... after eating at Hooters, we decided to try and beat a high score in PhotoHunt on the MegaTouch system in the hotel...and we did it.

Take that Room 10T!

We are the MegaTouch PhotoHunt Champions!

Uncensored pic available through email.

Some dessert (a HUGE piece of cake) for a true champion.



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