The OvK Clan
Sunday - Monday continued

April 27th -28th, 2003


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After the Coca Cola tour, we checked out the mall and some other stuff.
Check out some pictures from the last day.


At 2:30pm we started on journey back and on the way came across this.

That is one big ass peach.

Get up sleepy head!


     Bobaruni, who had been our navigator for all of the trip, fell asleep for 5 minutes and BadAzZ drove us into DC. We also took quite awhile to find a place to eat.
     We didn't want fast food and it seemed like every place we went was closed, closed for cleaning, or closed despite having a big neon sign that said OPEN. We finally settled on a Waffle House and sat down for one of the last stops of the trip.

     We got back to Staten Island around 7am (nearly a 17 hr trip). All in all, we had a good time. And no, we did not purchase any illegal fireworks along the way. Not a single one!


Thats all folks!