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May 15th -16th, 2003


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I also got to check some of the Halo action figure prototypes in person.

The warthog looked nice, but... did the Cortana figure!


     After everything was wrapped up,  Miguel Chavez, mnemesis, CYBRFRK, 2 other guys (don't remember their names), Shovelface, Finn, Louis Wu, SketchFactor, Achronos, and I, all went out for some drinks. But before leaving, I took a few pictures of the other booths that were used during E3.

We ended up going back to the Beverly Hills Hilton where I and the Bungie guys were staying.


     Heres just some of the cool stuff I came home with. Bungie gave away so much stuff, it was impossible to come out of there without something.

Below is one of the 250 prototype figures given out.

     The next morning, I left the hotel around 1pm and caught my 3:30 flight. I arrived back in Staten Island a little after 2am. I had a really great time at the FanFest. I can't thank MS/Bungie enough for giving me the opportunity to go and for everything else they did for me. My only real regret, is that I was so caught up in things that I didn't think to meet up with some of the other HBO people who were there. Hopefully, I'll get another chance some time.