The OvK Clan
The FanFest

May 15th, 2003


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We arrived at the center a little late (cause of traffic), but...

...we were allowed to cut the line (because we're special).

Right at the entrance, I met up with Miguel Chavez.


This was the area in which the FanFest took place.

And this was the area set up for playing the PC version of Halo.

This giant screen was used through out the event to show RvB, fan contest, and other videos, as well as the trivia contest questions.

Other game stations were used to play some linked Halo matches.

A Bungie store was also set up at the fest.

I thought it was really nice of them to provide free food, snacks, and drinks to everyone in attendance.

After grabbing a slice of pizza, I made my way to the theater were the Halo 2 demo was going to be shown.


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