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May 15th, 2003


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This is the inside of the theater where the Halo 2 demo was shown.


This is me playing some PC Halo. The kid next to me was a nice guy, but he literally played PC Halo for the entire 4 hours of the event. He was seriously obsessed with it.

     These are 2 of the screens you had to go through to get into a game. They were only running 6 man FFAs on either Timberland or Gephyrophobia (the winner getting one of various prizes). It was odd to play Halo with a keyboard and mouse at first, but after a few games, I was starting to get more comfortable with it.
     I liked the level Gephyrophobia better and I especially liked banshee dog fighting. The fuel rod gun is also really cool and very powerful as well. There was also a new type of teleporter (that you had to walk over). Needless to say, I can't wait to get the full version.


A bunch of Bungie guys were around for some Q&A.


     All of the finalists for the America's Biggest Halo Fan contest were given a chance to introduce their video to the crowd before it was shown. Geoff's video, which can be seen at (its called Public Service Announcement), was up first.
     My video was up next and I was glad to see it get a great reaction from the crowd. It was good to see that I wasn't the only one who thought it was funny. Thanks to Louis Wu (who also provided a few of the pics used in this write up) my video can be seen at HBO (thanks go to for hosting it). I've also thrown up some "making of" pictures.
     Jeremy's video was the last shown and was also the longest of the three videos (it contained paintball reenactments of Halo moments). After Jeremy's was shown, Geoff was announced as the winner and was given a really cool poster.


The contestants of the trivia challenge get ready to rumble.

Heres a shot of the winner, Djof.

And a shot of a fan in his home made marine uniform. The assault rifle he was carrying looked really nice.


Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana, was really nice and was signing/taking pictures for all of the fans.

     Towards the end of the event, Bungie employees Sketchfactor and Achronos handed lots and lots of merchandise to fans with winning numbers. They handed out Halo books, XBL kits, books, mugs, books, colored controllers, books, books and lots more books. They couldn't get rid of the books fast enough!

Check out more pictures from the FanFest here and here.


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