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     On July 5th, 2003, LOGAN, sLiPnOt, DmAN, and BadAzZ attended a LAN in the same place that the NYC LAN was held nearly a year ago. The LAN was held by Miguel Chavez yet again, and was just as fun as the last one.
      The LAN was to take place some time after the showing of art from the PoA contest, with the doors opening around noon. When Miguel arrived, we and a few others who had showed up, walked in to find most of the art already set up.
     It was cool to see everyones work in person and it was especially cool to see Geoff Chang's rifle. We all took pictures holding it, but unfortunately we can't put them online just yet. You can, however, check out this little picture that was made with help from Miguel.
     After about 4 hours of talking about various things, the art work was taken down and the actual LAN started. The set up was a little different from the last time, with two projectors used this time. They were put side by side along one of the walls, while two TVs were set up on a table on the other side of the room and were put back to back. To get a better idea of what everything actually looked like, you can check out some movies taken by Miguel.
     A huge variety of games were played for the next 8 hours, with only a break for some pizza. During that time, we played the standard gametypes, such as CTF, TS and Crazy KOTH, but there was also some damn crazy matches set up as well. Chiron Oddball and Snipers only KOTH (non-crazy) stand out as two of the more crazy matches. They were pretty weird, but were definitely fun to play.
     "I can't remember what the last match of the night was, but that's probably because we never actually declared a last match. Instead, the night just sort of ended abruptly when my car was towed. Theres more to the story after that, but I'd really rather not type it out." -LOGAN
     The LAN ended around midnight (the time LOGAN's car was towed), but we didn't actually leave until around 2am. We got to meet some new people, play lots of Halo, and scream A LOT. Whats better then that? Thanks go to Miguel for yet another kick ass LAN. Til next time...

Plugs given prior to the event were provided by HBO here and here.

Louis Wu has put up a short clip (of a sweet melee) that was originally filmed by nukedude.

     Check out some pictures from the day:
Miguel Chavez's pictures (here and here).


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