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To play Halo online all you have to do is have 2 different progams installed (GameSpy Arcade and GameSpy Tunnel), 2 cables and a hub. If you have any questions about setting things up, check out this page.. It doesn't cost to much to get all the stuff and its pretty easy to set up. If you don't have cable or DSL, don't bother doing any of this, cause it will lag really bad.

You can also use a different program, if you prefer, called Xbox Connect (XBC) or Aquaduct (its for Macs only).

Halo Online


Simply go to a split screen game and go all the way to when the counter starts to go down. Exit before it goes down and go to system link and you won't get a dirty disc message again. Repeat the process every time you start up your Xbox and you'll never get a dirty disc message (you'll prevent it).

Halo Online


You probably noticed that in the screen right before you enter a linked game that there is a default name for your XBOX. You can change this by playing DOA3 (Dead or Alive 3). I dunno how or why this works, but all you have to do is get a ranking in either Time Attack or Survival. According to the BaDazZ, Survival is the easiest and fastest way. After you get a ranking you can make your new name, which has a limit of 8 characters.
We've also heard that it is possible to change your Xbox's name by playing Cell Damage.

Halo Online


Here are some things that we believe you should know and follow when youre playing online:


1) Pay attention to the name of the room. If it says bring 4, make sure you're bringing at 4 (not 3 people who think they're so good or 3 people and a fake 4th). If it says CTF, don't ask to player TS. Etc, etc.


2) The host is never allowed to make fun or brag to his opponent. It doesn't matter by how much you've won; if you're the host, you can't say a word (even if you know or they say there was no lag).


3) If your not the host and you win, feel free to say whatever you like (you deserve to).


4) If you're the host and the person had a ping of 40-60, or even lower, and they say it is lagging, they're probably lying. It may be possible that they got "slight jitters" (see Defining Lag) every so often (if the ping jumped a little), but if the ping stayed constant, it's very unlikely there was true lag (a "delay" and "freezing").You can tell if they're lying by the way they played. Did they snipe you while you were running? Did they get you in 3 pistols shots? Etc, etc. These are things that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do with lag.


5) If someone stays for multiple games while you're the host and then complains about lag in, for example, the 5th game, you've got to remember the previous rule. If it was lagging that bad, why did they stay in for 5 games?


6) Speaking of lag, here is a rule you should ALWAYS follow. Never go into a game or host a game that has more then 2 boxes. By sticking with only 2 boxes (1 host vs. 1 guest), you'll drastically reduce the chances of lag.


7) If you are the host, and someone asks you to let them host the next game, let them. Taking turns is the right thing to do, but if someone doesn't ask to host (probably cause your a good host), just continue hosting.


8) If you're in a game thats lagging, let the host know right from the beginning about the lag and what exactly is happening (see Defining Lag). Don't wait until you're about to lose or after the game is over to let them know.


9) Don't quit games unless you do it right when the game starts. If the lag is really bad and you don't want to play through it, quit immed iately. If you quit when you're about to lose, you just look like a pussy (even if there was true lag).


10) If you play on GS, remember to exit the tunnel program if you're a guest when you're done. Not doing so, will leave you in the host's tunnel and could cause lag for the host when they try to start a new game with someone else (cause you're still connected to their tunnel).

Halo Online

Rushing does NOT cause lag!!!

     It doesn't. No matter what you've heard, believe, tested; rushing does NOT cause lag. It is a rumor. In the future, there will be more information here to prove what in fact does cause lag, but remember this: Rushing the count does NOT cause lag!!!


     Unfortunately, since Halo wasn't meant to be played online, there are some problems. One of the biggest problems is lag, but a lot of people just use it as an excuse even if wasn't truly that bad. Most people just say "There was lag" or "It lagged", but that doesn't really say exactly what happened. We feel that the term "lag" is used too freely and that even if there were only slight "jitters", people won't say that.

     The term "lag" can be misleading, therefore we have listed terms we use, that we think others could understand (and might possibly use):


Jitter -Everything is going fine, the game is running like normal, when all of a sudden the game freezes for a second and then returns to normal. We call this a "jitter" and it varies in degree. If it only freezes for a second and it occurs rarely, then we would say there were "slight jitters" or "short jitters". A better way to convey what happened to the host, might be to say that "The game froze for a second every once and a while". If the game froze for more then a second and it occured more often, we would say that the game "froze alot". Sometimes there will only be a few slight jitters throughout the whole match, yet people will still say "it lagged", like it was truly horrible and they couldn't play with it (which isn't true). Slight jitters is the only type of lag that is actually very playable and shouldn't be used as an excuse for losing. Bad or long jitters is a legimate excuse.


Delay -When the game runs fine but everything is a second or two behind what is actually happening, we call this a "delay". You'll know if there is a delay right away by perfoming the jumping test. Simply press the jump button and see how long it takes you to actually jump on screen. If you don't jump instantly (like normal), then there is a delay. The length of time it takes you to actually jump is the severity of the delay. A delay can quite painful for the non-hosting team if it is severe (you'll have to actually aim shots in front of a enemy instead of on them) and can be used as a legimate excuse.


Lag -We would only use the term "lag" or say it "lagged really bad", if there was a combination of both a bad delay and bad jitters. If that is happening, then you can expect a game thats nearly impossible to play.


      We hope more people will use these terms or at least explain to the host how exactly it lagged. Don't forget to also tell someone if they're a good host and rule #6 which is the key to stopping lag altogether.

Halo Online

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