The OvK Clan

Watch your back for the toughest clan around!

Also known as Team Overkill
We are located in Staten Island, NY
Contact us at
Our Gamertags: OvK Clan, BadAzZ OvK, sLiPnOt OvK

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-Added a new write up to the Events section. Check out what happened at the PoA LAN (7/7/03).

-Added some new links to The Madness page of the Bungie FanFest 2003 write up. You can now check out LOGAN's video entry online and see some behind the scene pictures. (5/28/03)

-A new write up has been added to the Events Section. Check out what happened to LOGAN at the Bungie FanFest. (5/23/03)

-Added a link under LOGAN OvK's profile to Paul's Action Figure Collection. (5/18/03)

-Added a new event (Halo50k) to the Events Section and archived the old one (Halorama). Check it out to see what happened to OvK at 50k. Also archived a bunch of Updates. (5/8/03)

-The Events Section has a write up of our most recent event, Halorama. Check it out (pictures too) and read about something that is just amazing. (4/20/03)

-Added Defining Lag to the Halo Online Section. (4/20/03)

-Added a link to Miguel Chavez's photo gallery of the recent Dead Rabbits LAN to the bottom of the write up in the Events Section. (4/11/03)

-Once again, the link that the word "people" will take you to within the Dead Rabbits write up has changed. This time it will take you to a group shot that has been labeled by Louis Wu. The link has also been added to the Dead Rabbits Pictures page. (4/9/03)

-Blackstar has released a video made up of footage from the recent Dead Rabbits LAN. Check out the bottom of the write up in the Events Section for the link (4/9/03)

-The Members Section has been revised (just like the Events Section). Hopefully, more revisions will be made to the Members Section in the future. I've also archived a bunch of Updates. (4/4/03)

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