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Regionals for the iGames Spring Season


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     On May 10th, 2003, LOGAN and DmAN participated in the Regional round of the iGames Summer Season at Kings Games, yet again. Kings Games had moved to the first floor now and had a totally different set up, which was much better then before (no glare at all).
     This tournament was a 2vs2 tournament and as much as we love CTF, its not made for 2vs2 matches. The first match (BG CTF with warthogs only) took pretty damn long for every single team. We lost to The Stalkers in the first 2 games (the second being a Oddball on HEH). The other team played well, but unfortunately we did not. Our shots were off, we didn't finish people when we should have, we just didn't do what we should/could have (once again).
     An intersting thing did come out of this tournament though. In a practice match a few days before, we got quite an interesting score. In a 2vs2 KOTH on Damnation, DmAn and LOGAN won the game, which was to 2 minutes, but they only had a combined time of 1:59. Check out this picture for the proof.
The bracket from that day can be seen here.