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Bungie FanFest 2003


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Bungie FanFest 2003

     On April 2nd, 2003, a contest to find America's biggest Halo fan was announced on I, Paul Gelardi (LOGAN/Elan Sleazbagano) decided that I was going to enter the contest. A couple of weeks later, I mailed my video to Bungie.
     Jump to May 7th, 2003, when I decided to take a break from some yard work and check my email. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had been picked as one of the 3 finalists! This was confirmed by an answering machine message and the revealing of the finalists on Bungie's site later on that day (mentioned on HBO). My family didn't believe me at first, but it was true...I was going to the FanFest in California!
Note: The following write up is broken into 4 sections, which have been linked below. After coming to the bottom of a page, there will be a link to continue on. Within the pages themselves you will also find links to more pictures from that particular part. Also note that the caption for the pictures used within the write up appear above their respective picture.

The Trip There

The FanFest

The Madness

The End

     I purposely did not go into some details because others have already done a great job of doing just that. Check out some write ups of the event by Shishka, Skeletor (read the replies also), as well as OXM's take on the night. There is also a thread with various memories from attendees.
     To check out some pictures from the day: