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Causin A Ruckus - Our sequel to BtR is released. Click here for the mirror list on HBO.

Comments on our Causin A Ruckus video:

Team Overkill's "Causin a Ruckus" had some really funny moments. I like that one. :) -This was taken from a post on the HBO Forum where Brian Josselyn ranked CAR as his 4th best Halo movie.
Best Soundtrack: Warthog Jump, with a tie for runner-up: Causing A Ruckus and HILTSWALTH. Something about Elites singing and dancing along to the music has me rolling on the floor every time. -Taken from a post by Count Zero (HBO operator) on the HBO Forum.
Frickin' awesome. I loved it. -Taken from email by Louis Wu (HBO operator).

That...was awesome! Good job, Team Overkill! -Taken from a post by Halo-Wannabe on the HBO Forum.
That was very cool, the needles were a definite highlight :D. -Taken from a post by FrogBlast on the HBO Forum.
Some charming antics in it - worth watching. -Taken from a news post by Rampancy (who also mirrored the movie).

The following are a series of comments that came from this thread on the HBO Forum about CAR:
It was really good. But how did u get the warthog into that ramp? -chris_roc
Cool video. Make more! I liked how you guys made the bodies flop around with the Plasma Grenades. Seeing 140 Needles was cool, too! -Acrappa
It thought it was SWEET! Very funny. My three favorite bits would be the "Elite Dance", death by "140 Needles", and the "kiss my ass" quote. : ) Keep'um coming! -Brian Josselyn
Oh god, that rocked. Nice work, people :) -Vector40
Great movie. -wolfboy
I enjoyed it very much. Good job guys. -Warbow


Double Jumping and Who is Shooting? videos added to the Gameplay Tricks section on HBO.


Breaking The Rules - Our Halo montage can be found HBO.

Comments on our Breaking The Rules video:

There are gameplay glitches, grenade tricks, weird sights... and at least two multiplayer tricks I've never seen before (both of which look to be quite useful, one of which has me smacking my forehead for missing it). Nicely composed, as well.  - Louis Wu (HBO staff member)
3:24 worth of tricks and glitches, set to Andrew W.K.'s 'Party Hard'. Great style, and lots of good bits. -Descripition on HBO
yo man i just saw your vid and it was cool. u used some pretty smart techniques and all. -Sam E. (
Perfect! Great job! Whoever was in charge of the filming angles chose great scenes and excellent background color and position! Music was absolutely keeping pace with the scenes. Nice gameplay, you guys hit the mark with this one! -Skavenger_s7 (Mark Mendenhall,
I watched the Breaking The Rules video. How did they get 3 Pelicans to show up on SC? How did they get the first 2 to stay? -post by Warbow on the HBO Forum (
The pros take over. This week, we will be showcasing some REAL Halo players. This week's clips come courtesy of, the definitive source for all things Halo. From their menu, I would suggest looking at the Hurricane film and Breaking The Rules. Both of these are long downloads, but have moments of pure genius that make them worth the wait. -buzby at
Yet another great trick, stunt, and glitch video. Some old standbys are rehashed (quite well) - some until-now undocumented tricks shown - and a few brand-new moves catalogued. Simply excellent. -posted on The Repertory
There are plenty of other successful Halo films (Breaking the Rules,... -This comment is taking from the HBO Movie Posting Policy
BtR was ranked #5 all time on Oddworld18's top 5 Halo videos ever. -This was taked from a post on the HBO Forum.

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