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Regionals for the iGames Winter Season


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Regionals for the iGames Winter Season

     On Februray 2, 2003, LOGAN, DmAn, BadAzZ, and sLiPnOt set out to play at Kings Games for the Regional round of the Halo Winter Season. We arrived at Kings Games at around 11:30am and we knew that even though the tournament was supposed to start around noon, that it wouldn't.
     In prepartion for the delay, we had brought an Xbox and BadAzZ's 5" color screen (that was originally bought for use with a PS2) to practice some Halo before our match. We practiced a little while (you'll hurt your eyes if you try to play a 4 player split screen match for too long) and gave Team HBO (who we had met up with once again) a chance to pracitce as well.
Since not enough teams had shown up, the first round would only consist of 2 match between 4 teams. We were not chosen to complete in the first round, but Team HBO was. Team HBO kicked some ass in the first round. I was going to say more, but Miguel Chavez has already provided a write up of Team HBO's day.
      Eventually, at least over 2 hours (maybe 3) since we had arrived, we were called in what was to be the last match of the 2nd round. As fate would have it, we were set to versus a team that we had lost to in the First Qualifier; Thugs n Rebels. We sat down to the play our first match, which would be CTF to 3 captures on Battle Creek with radar on and 10 second respawn.
     With radar and 10 sec respawn on, we were forced to play, once again, with rules that we don't like too much. Thugs n Rebels scored the first flag taking a 1-0 lead. Then something happened because of a rule we dislike and had talked about in the Third Qualifier write up. TnR was able to score another flag making it 2-0, even though we had their flag at the time.
     DmAn, who had the flag during their capture, was able to bring it home making the score 2-1. TnR was using a strategy of getting the flag and then throwing it to their partner who was waiting on the roof. This strategy worked for a while, but it would not win them the game. We came back and won the game 3-2, with all the captures scored by DmAN.
     The next match was a TS to 50 kills on Chill Out with radar off and 10 sec respawn. Thankfully, they had announced that Kill Penalty would not be on, so 10 sec respawn was the only thing we disliked about the match. Unfortunately, we would lose that match 50-30 something (I believe mid 30s). We would also lose the next match, elminating us from the tournament, but not without a fight.
     The match was a Crazy King on Hang Em High to 5 minutes with radar and 10 sec respawn on (ugh!). The weapons for this match were set to Snipers, which meant only the pistol and sniper rifle were available. I think the whole place was watching what would turn out to be one of the more intense matches of the day.
     We played well the whole game and the score was very close through out. I believe we had a lead towards the end, but some bad hill respawning (they weren't near us) caused us to get locked out (because they defended them) of a few hills for too long. By the time we infilitrated the hills, they had gotten too much time. We lost the match 5:00-4:48, just 12 seconds!
     We didn't win, but at least we played well this time (unlike the last time we met up with TnR). TnR went on to lose to the Gods From Hell, who would go on to lose in the finals to Krypt by just 7 seconds. Hopefully, we'll meet up with the Gods From Hell soon enough (we're working things out) and we'll show them a thing or two.

iGames and Kings Games both had write ups the event. Kings Games provided a more complete breakdown along with pictures (there is an error in the breakdown that states OvK beat thugs in the 3rd game, which we did not).

To check out some pictures from the day: