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Halomania is runnin wild brotha!

     Originally titled (for no reason): "The S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spiderman, And The Incredible Hulk Put Together", Halomania turned out to be an event much smaller then either of its names would suggest. Miguel "Freewill" Chavez, his son Rafi "Superman", and Mark "Have Blue" Levin were the only non-OvK Clan players to attend; the rest of the attendees where no shows. Members from OvK included: LOGAN, DmAN, BadAzZ, sLiPnOt, BiTcHoE, AND1, CD Nip, and MQDog9, even Dr. M made a brief appearance. Halomania took place on Sept. 21st 2002 at sLiPnOt's house. 
     There isn't much to say about our little event. It was an odd 6 hours of Halo, with breaks for hackey sack, watching bootleg videos of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (making fun of Star Wars nerds), eating pizza, and making fun of the "hippie" neighbors as they did a little ritual. Don't worry though, there was plenty of Halo going on as well.
     The best aspect of Halomania would probably be the fact that we played a wide variety of matches. We played various team matches as well as some FFAs. Everyone there played a match they had never played before and most of them were pretty good.
     Halomania had it share of problems but everyone had fun, and thats all that counts. We'd like to thank the few who came and Miguel specfically for the very interesting heads up on some future tournaments. Until next time...

Plugs given prior to the event were provided by HBO and

To check out some pictures from the day: