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Dead Rabbits

     On March 29, 2003, LOGAN, DmAn, BadAzZ, and sLiPnOt set out to attend a LAN party at the home of HBO's Louis Wu. We set out around noon and didn't make it to the LAN until around 4pm. We arrived an hour later then we expected because we got lost along the way, but that didn't really matter since we were actually 6 hours late (an error on caused us to think the LAN started at 3pm instead of its actual starting time which was 10am).
     By the time our tie dye wearing asses had made it to the house of the Wu (which is in Bethany, CT), some people had left but there were still over 20 people there (by far the largest LAN we've ever been too). The set up was insane! We brought 2 TVs, bringing the total number of screens available for Halo playing up to 9 (that includes Miguel's truly sick projector). You literally couldn't walk in a room without seeing Halo somewhere.
     We met up with some familar and not so familar faces and after eating some lunch, the playing started (for us anyway). During our first game a 2vs2 slayer tournament was being set up by Geoff and Tom. We split up and entered the tournamnent. We liked the rules of the tournament but not the levels. LOGAN and DmAn won their first game, but would lose to sLiPnOt and BadAzZ in the next round. sLiPnOt and BadAzZ went on to lose to Geoff and Tom, who would go on to win the tournament.
      For the next 9 hours there was a lot of Halo being played (with only a break for some pizza). There were a lot of fun and different matches. Some were very competitive and had some really great moments with people cheering and screaming. A variety of matches were played through out the day but towards the end, when the numbers had dwindled down a little, we decided to try out some hacked Halo matches (we brought 3 modded Xboxes).
      We played some melee air only and rocket air only FFAs on BG, as well as an instant kill, infinite ammo, plasma weapons only, super jump CTF match on Damnation where the top of the level became another floor. After everyone had some fun with those matches it was back to regular Halo and to what had to be the most insane and chaotic match of the day.
      With 11 people left, Ninja on Fire set up a rockets only oddball FFA on Wizard with damage resistance (when you have the ball) and 200% health. The winner, which turned out to be Ninja on Fire, only needed 5 minutes to win, but this would not be a short nor easy match.
       The match was truly insane, with rockets always flying, people always dying, and everyone being happy if they held on to the ball for more then 1 second. It took quite a while (around an 1 hr and 15 mins) to reach the 5 min goal and there were many kills/deaths.The match was just a great way to end the day.
       The day ended at around 1am (after some clean up) and we were on our way home again.We got to play a massive amount of Halo, meet some new people, and just have a really good time. We'd like to once again thank Louis Wu for allowing us to come and for everything else. We can't wait for the next one!

Blackstar has created a video (63mb) that takes you through the wild ride that was Dead Rabbits in just about 7 mins. Check it out and his site.

This write up was mentioned on HBO (who also had a brief write up of the day).

Plugs given prior to the event were provided by HBO (and 2 hrs before).

To check out some pictures from the day:

Miguel Chavez has put up a photo gallery with shots from the LAN.