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On April 18, 2003, LOGAN, DmAn, BadAzZ, and sLiPnOt hosted Halorama, a friendly LAN with another group of Staten Islanders. The LAN took place at BadAzZ's house (in his room this time), and was supposed to start at 1:30pm. The LAN didn't start to 2:00pm because LOGAN and sLiPnOt had to take a run to get some ethernet cables that no one had remembered to bring.

When they returned, the other team had already arrived and was sitting at their 2 TVs. In total, there were 3 TVs used (all of OvK at one and the other team split between the remaining 2 TVs). We did this only because we needed to practice for Halo50k with a 4 player split screen and because the other TVs were just too small for the other team to have 4 players on. Check out the pictures from that day to get a better understanding.

After some individual warm up matches, the day was on its way (rhymed!). Through out the following 7 hours of play (the LAN ended at 9pm) we alternated between matches from Halo50k and whatever the other team wanted to do. There were only a few breaks for pizza and some cookies with cola (not milk!).

There is one match that needs to be mentioned specifically. It was a shotguns only TS on Chiron (a match from Halo50k). The game got very, very close towards the end. It was 48-47 in favor of the other team, when something amazing happened. The following is hard to explain, but lets just say that the ending of that game broke the laws of Halo as we know them.

In a TS to 50 kills, we won the match............................................51-49. This is not a joke, this is not a hoax, this actually happened. After looking at the ending screen for a while and discussing how it could have happened, we still couldn't come to a firm conclusion. We know that there was a kill followed by a grenade explosion with multiple enemies and kills involved, but what exactly happened and how it happened remains a mystery.

            Towards the end of the night we tried out some hacked matches, before ending with a CTF on BG. Those were a lot of fun, as were most of the matches through out the day. We'd like to thank everyone who attended for coming and for giving us some good practice for Halo50k.

The following thread explains that it is in fact possible to reproduce a score that has more kills then the win limit. BOLL also made a video.

To check out some pictures from the day: