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Note: This event is broken into 3 different sections, which have been linked below. Each section is broken down into a few pages. After coming to the bottom of a page, there will be a link to continue on. Within the pages themselves you will also find links to more pictures from that particular part. Also note that the caption for the pictures used within the write up appear above their respective picture.
     We are not going to explain to you what Halo50k was. If you don't know, you should check out the official site to answer all your questions. Halo50k was definitely quite an experience. We might have lost, but we sure had some fun. Check it out:

Thursday - Friday

First Day of 50k

Sunday - Monday

To check out a massive amount of pictures from the day: has details on what happened, as well as plenty of pictures.
Break Point has put up a photo gallery with shots from the event.